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Step Into My Shoes is an educational consultancy specialised in higher education in the UK.  We understand what criteria selective UK universities are looking for and support students with subject choice, application process, admissions tests and interview preparation to optimise their chances of entry. We also have the knowledge and skill-set to assist in career choice and provide the necessary steps to achieve end goals. Step Into My Shoes also works in partnership with higher education institutions and corporations who share a deep appreciation of the importance of a prosperous and productive future generation.

Our Guiding Principle: 

The Step Into My Shoes team is comprised of a small team of senior consultants. We are committed to staying small. By maintaining our small size, we remain flexible and nimble to embrace constant changes within the admissions cycles while remaining closely in tune with students' needs. The backbone of our business is underpinned by paying attention to detail and prioritising quality guidance and preparation. Most of our business is through word of mouth which is why we always place our clients' needs first. Several years of experience and a continued track record of success, tells us our strategy is paying off. 

A hearty congratulations to our students who have completed the admissions cycle for entry into university in 2017. Our students have gained admission into the most competitive UK universities for the arts, humanities and stem subjects.

100% Club (our one to one private students who met university entry requirements, achieved 100% interview invitations or entry into the following universities): 

Durham University, London School of Economics, Kings College, University College London, Imperial College, Bristol University, University of Warwick, University of Exeter, University of Bath (this is not an exclusive list). 

Step Into My Shoes students also achieved offers from University of Cambridge and University of Oxford for some of the universities' most competitive subjects.

Sample Subject Choices for 2017 included (but are not limited to): 

Maths, Physics, Medicine, Theoretical Physics, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Philosophy, Sociology, Zoology, Economics and Management, Civil Engineering, Neuroscience, Politics-Philosophy-Economics, Economics, Psychology, Business & Management, Management Science, Management, Anthropology, Law, Animation, Performing Arts, Education.

    A Guru Lecture Series

The popular London Business School Youth Enrichment Programme - A Guru Lecture Series is enabled by Step Into My Shoes.

University Admissions

From UCAS application forms to MAT, PAT and STEP tutoring and interview preparation, we provide the necessary support to our students.

Advisory Services

Choosing a career is a daunting prospect. We help young people make the right choice and once they have, guide them on their path to success.

Step Into My Shoes works in partnership with IBWISE, an outstanding revision camp in Vienna for IB students.