Step Into My Shoes is a higher educational consultancy specialised in UK higher education and a select number of desirable, top European schools. We work with International and British students and their families seeking the highest quality counselling and preparation. Step Into My Shoes takes a holistic approach and believes that higher education should be in the context of future career awareness. 

Applying to a top university can be a daunting experience. Our belief is that proper guidance and support is crucial to achieving goals. The reality is that many courses are very competitive. And unfortunately, every year excellent candidates with the right qualifications don't get the offers they deserve. Students rightly concentrate on attaining the necessary grades but these days that is not enough.  University admissions teams are faced with an overwhelming number of applications from students with very similar qualifications and grades. They therefore choose successful candidates on a whole series of factors which are not limited to academic success.  Secondary schools focus primarily on the educational output of their students. We teach students to build a desirable candidacy for university admissions teams. All candidates bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. An early appreciation of the “real world” also creates more focused and marketable students. 

Step Into My Shoes is also a leading provider of entrance test preparation in the UK servicing multiple schools and students. Admission to a course with an entrance test or interview requires significant additional preparation. In our experience, this is often the key criteria that is overlooked by applicants. 

Why is effective entrance test preparation important?

  • For pre-interview entrance tests, the applicant’s score can play a key role in whether they get short-listed for interview and for some subjects there are clear cut-offs.

  • Interviews for certain subjects largely consist of questions that are slightly harder than those found in the entrance tests therefore good entrance test preparation is a strong starting point for interview practice.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only private providers of admissions test preparation courses in the UK across several weeks. We believe that spreading classes across multiple weeks, rather than cramming material into a day, is the best and most effective way of preparing students for the test. It is also particularly useful for students sitting subject interviews at a later date. Students who are unable to attend our courses or prefer individual tuition, can benefit from our in-person or online tutoring services.  

Step Into My Shoes also works in partnership with higher education institutions and corporations who share a deep appreciation of the importance of a prosperous and productive future generation. The organisation enables the annual London Business School Youth Enrichment programme exposing 45 talented sixth form students to a series of guru lectures delivered by world class renowned faculty at LBS. 

    A Guru Lecture Series

The popular London Business School Youth Enrichment Programme - A Guru Lecture Series is enabled by Step Into My Shoes.

University Admissions

From the UCAS application to applying to top schools in Europe, we support and guide students on every facet of the admissions process including entrance test tutoring and interview preparation

Advisory Services

Choosing a career is a daunting prospect. We help young people make the right choice and once they have, guide them on their path to success.