In today's competitive environment choosing a career is a daunting prospect. We help young people to make the right choice and once they have, guide them on their path to success.

With an overwhelming flood of noise and information to decipher, we cut through it and work with the student to give him or her a thorough and clear understanding of the mechanics of the different key professions and the roles available within each of them to allow the student to make as informed a decision as possible. We provide a comprehensive assessment of our students strengths, interests and ambitions to identify their career path.

For us to have the most impact in helping you attain your chosen career path, we recommend that we work with students from Year 10. This allows us sufficient time to advise on the most appropriate school subject choice, summer programmes, internships, further courses,  extracurricular activities and even CV, that will enhance the chances of future university entrance success.

As we move towards Year 12, we work to develop a potential university list that fits your personality, skill-set and your chosen path. Through our statistical research as well as experience, we have a strong quantitative as well as qualitative understanding of the key criteria that different universities are looking for and the most appropriate courses for enhanced chances of entrance success and can advise on this in addition to helping students prepare for their applications, standardized tests and interviews.

Our partnership with our students does not end there. If our students have to go through the clearing system, we work with them and the universities to ensure a best as possible outcome. Alternatively, if there is an opportunity to enter into adjustment, we guide them accordingly.


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