Course Overview

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This is a workshop on university subject choice & future pathways. Although the main goal is to prepare students on how to choose a subject suited to their strengths and interests while also enhancing their candidacy for entry into a selective university in the UK, including an intro to UCAS, this training also teaches applicants the practical intelligence, skills and attitudes needed to navigate and succeed in modern society.

The teaching is designed to trigger students’ awareness of the “real world” and what makes people successful.

What's Included?

  • Why is it important?
  • An introduction to UCAS
  • How to choose a course?
  • Where will it lead - future pathways
  • Joint Honours v/s Single Honours
  • Ratios
  • Resources available online and offline
  • Timelines and next steps

Course Details:


The master class will run on:

  • May 6th from 4:30pm - 6:30 pm

Where: Imperial College London

Duration: 2 Hours

Class Size: Small

Lead Instructor:

Sarah Norris is committed to helping young people be successful and fulfil their potential in life. Improving student performance through motivation, lateral thinking and skill based training is key. She works with students across ten London based secondary schools and multiple schools abroad as a consultant and expert in British higher education and future pathways. She is engaged by corporations, schools and parents to teach students. She also delivers an annual enrichment programme at London Business School for talented students in Year 12 across multiple state schools. Sarah holds a Bsc Economics from London School of Economics and an MBA from the London Business School & Stern School of Business.

What to bring:

Pen & paper

Please note that Step Into My Shoes contracts with Imperial College for the use of facilities, but has no formal connection with Imperial College.

Please note students signing up and attending this course need parental permission to do so.

NB We need a minimum number of students to run this course.