Step Into My Shoes provides tuition in person and/or online for students preparing the UKCAT (Clinical Aptitude Test). The UKCAT is a British university admissions exam required for entry into Medicine or Dentistry courses at selected universities. For students interested in preparing this test, please register your interest or email

The exam itself is psychometric, not knowledge-based, and has 5 sub-test sections:

  1. Verbal reasoning

  2. Decision making

  3. Quantitative reasoning

  4. Abstract reasoning

  5. Situational judgement

UKCAT Test Preparation

We recommend an initial minimum of 1 hour on each of the 5 UKCAT subtest sections: half of this will be strategy and technique, with the other half being timed practice questions. We’ll send you away with guidance on how to structure your practice in order to optimise your preparation. Follow up sessions will consist of 1 hour on each of the 5 UKCAT subtest sections, in a ‘clinic’ like fashion, with further work on strategy and technique, and a small mock test at the end of the sessions. We’ll work on polishing your technique and boosting your exam confidence, with further guidance on how to prepare for the final few days running up until your exam in order to maximise your potential. You’ll have access to original resources, including UKCAT style exam questions and a mock test.  We also design our teaching to give students the chance to absorb and practice the techniques we teach while also re-consolidating and fine tuning your exam strategy.

Lead Instructors:

Our lead instructors are top percentile scorers themselves with several years of teaching experience and track records of continual success. Our instructors tutor & teach specific subjects and are experts in admissions test preparation. They are in the unique position to understand the common ground across all school curriculums and various exam boards to identify the additional competencies necessary to achieve a high score in the relevant entrance exams. We recruit teachers who have been trained at highly selective and academic universities. The majority of our teachers attended Oxbridge and Imperial for their university studies.

Why Choose Step Into My Shoes?

  • To the best of our knowledge, we are the only private providers of admissions test preparation courses in the UK across several weeks. We believe that spreading classes across multiple weeks rather than cramming material into a weekend session or day, is the best and most effective way of preparing students for the test. All the science behind revision suggests we are right.

  • Our course preparation includes a focus on test strategy and technique.

  • We believe in homework and that students learn best by doing. Our curated handouts are designed to help students digest and master the concepts learned in the classroom through further practice at home.

  • We believe in the benefits of group study. It allows for differing approaches and knowledge to be shared broadening one’s understanding of a subject and enhancing thinking skills. This is also particularly useful for students sitting subject interviews at a later date.

Student Testimonials:

"The lessons were essential in helping me become a strong candidate. Thank you so much for everything, your help was what made me succeed in getting my offers from Imperial and Oxford.' Sofoklis

Thank you for your help with the LNAT and CLT preparation! Both the lessons on essay writing and those focusing on the multiple choice were extremely insightful and without a doubt played a big part in helping me get my offers including Cambridge!” Ines

"Every week I learnt new methods for solving questions, I feel more confident about how to approach solving more complicated questions that need a creative approach. I am more confident in my ability, I liked doing the questions at home and in class. I would recommend because I enjoyed and benefitted from the class." Rose

"Different graphs and the same method to tackle all of them.Now I can use the same steps that I've learnt tackling these questions to help me think about the answers to other questions. It has given me the confidence to think out loud and not be afraid to make mistakes." Nikita

"Great sessions which gave a lot of questions to practice with for work at home. The teacher was great and really knew his stuff. Maths and Physics concepts were explained in unique ways which made harder problems seem simpler. The course is great as it not only helps with the entrance test but is also a great way of preparing for your interview." Ahad

"I think this course really improved my problem-solving skills in lots of different areas of the syllabus. The diversity of topics covered and relating exercises to examples we understand kept the lessons lively, enjoyable and fun! I am now more capable of solving tricky questions thanks to useful tricks and would therefore recommend it to anyone wanting to take the ENGAA exam or any other related assessments. I found this course great!" Clement

"The course was very helpful in developing my thinking skills & logic, and I learnt lots of new mathematical methods that I can apply to MAT questions." Carys