UK Services:

We advise students on all aspects of UK university admissions. We can support students through the entire application process or provide expert guidance in targeted areas. We offer either hourly support or all inclusive packages:

  • Hourly Rate

  • All Inclusive Package UK UCAS  (non Early Entry or Law)

  • All Inclusive Package UK Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry

  • All Inclusive Package UK Law

  • All Inclusive Package UK Art /Design/Music

  • All Inclusive Package Personal Statement 

  • All Inclusive Foundation Year


What's Included?


  • Meeting with admissions consultant to develop an application strategy that best meets the applicant’s needs
  • Diagnose candidate’s strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of interests and awareness of potential future pathways
  • Analysis of student schedule and current commitments

Plan of Action & Time Productivity

  • Develop a tailor-made admissions plan for each student outlining preparation required and relevant deadlines. It will include recommendations on relevant academic and non-academic activity that enhance candidacy. It will also include making contact with universities of choice through visits, lectures, tasters and campus tours.

The Application & Outcomes

  • Personal statement strategic advice and guidance up until submission. Also available as a separate package.
  • Subject choice selection & university short list
  • Ensure all aspects of the UCAS form are completed in a timely manner including supplementary forms and all additional written work
  • Liaising with specific universities and admissions tutors on behalf of applicants
  • Assisting students in choosing their Firm and Insurance offers after all 5 universities have made their decisions
  • Continued support if necessary when results come in for UCAS adjustment and clearing

How This Works in Practice

  • We meet regularly with the candidate, at first on a monthly basis and then with increasing regularity as the admissions process intensifies. Meetings can take place in person or via Skype. The process is fluid. Our goal is also to work in a highly collaborative spirit with families to lighten the burden and stress of the university application.

Additional Services for Early Entry Candidates

Applying to Oxbridge or an Early Entry subject involves a personal commitment from students to embrace the process and preparation necessary for entry. There are no short-cuts. We offer a number of additional services to help students prepare effectively for Oxbridge admissions:

  • Guidance on College selection
  • Assisting with supplementary forms and questionnaires for Oxbridge applications
  • Guidance for admissions test and how best to prepare for the exams
  • Interview preparation and practice in relevant subject. Guidance is delivered by a Lead Instructor in a relevant subject
  • Guidance on portfolio preparation where necessary


* Any of these packages can be combined with applications into Europe

* For students interested in applying to the US, we have partnered with a premium US consulting team we trust and recommend.